FAB-GGR has an Expert Stakeholder Group of about 30 people from business & industry, policy, civil society and academia that are involved over the lifetime of the project through participation in expert workshops run by the work package one team.  The purpose is to provide insight, guidance and feedback on our research from a spectrum of sectors and perspectives.

FAB-GGR has an International Advisory Panel who participate in our annual project workshops and provide advice and guidance to the scientific content of the project. The panel is comprised of:

Dr Silke Beck Science and Technology Studies. Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Leipzig, Germany.

Chris Jones & Dr Andy Wiltshire. Carbon cycle modelling. Met Office, Exeter, UK.

Prof Detlef van Vuuren & Jonathan Doelman. Integrated Assessment Modelling. PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Dr Jo House Principal investigator of the GGRiLS GAP project in the GGR programme. Environmental Science and Policy. University of Bristol, Bristol, UK.

Prof Pete Smith. Principal investigator of the Soils-R-GRREAT consortium project in the GGR programme. Plant & Soil Science. University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK.